Days of Importance

Promotion / acknowledgement of LGBTQI+ rights issues and/or themes: (NZ / Internationally)

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Month: Set dates recurring 


Month: Non-set dates 



** Summer Holidays Aotearoa New Zealand **

# Rainbow NZ Charitable Trust
(RNZCT) Annual Gala

# The New Zealand Rainbow Excellence Awards (Rainbow Tick and South Pacific Pride Ltd)

# Diversity Awards NZ (Diversity Works)

# APFI Launch (AKL Pride Festival Inc)

# APFI Launch (AKL Pride Festival Inc)

# Gay Games, every four years (1982)



*Once above events/entities have announced their annual date, 

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**Please note Aotearoa Pride Festivals 

are listed here and can be found included in Rainbow Directory search categories:

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***Aotearoa Pride Festival dates to be announced: 

#Nelson Pride (week in APR2023 TBA)

#Hamilton Pride  (week in APR2023 TBA)

#Pride Taranaki



– Auckland Pride Month (Wed, 01FEB – Sun, 26FEB), *Auckland Pride Festival Inc (APFI)

– BIG GAY OUT (BGO), Ending HIV (Sun, 12FEB)

– China Pride NZ (TBA, incorporated with APFI events)

– Indian Origin Pride (TBA, incorporated with APFI and WLG Pride Festival events)

– Rainbow Parade Auckland (Sat, 18FEB) *Rainbow Pride Auckland (RPA)

– 2023, Fri, 23FEB – Sun, 02MAR: SYDNEY Mardi Gras, Australia (1978),
Oceania’s largest Pride event

– – 2023, Sun, 19FEB – Sat, 25FEB Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week (ASAW),
week after 14FEB, starting on the Sunday (2014)


– 01MAR annually, Zero Discrimination Day (2014)

– Dunedin Pride (Wed, 01MAR – Fri, 31MAR)

– Pride Whanganui (Sat, 04MAR – Sat, 11MAR)
(Wed, 01MAR – Fri, 31MAR) (Sat, 04MAR – Sat, 18MAR)
Out in the Park (Sat, 18MAR)

– Wellington Pride Festival (Sat, 04MAR – Sat, 18MAR)
Out in the Park (Sat, 18MAR)

– Tauranga Moana Pride (Sun, 05MAR – Sat, 11MAR)
The Strand Picnic day (Sat, 11MAR)

– Christchurch Pride (Fri, 10MAR – Sun,19MAR) 

– Wellington International Pride Parade (WIPP – Sat, 11MAR)

– North Canterbury Pride (Rangiora, Sun, 12MAR) 

– OUTfest Taranaki (Mon, 27MAR – Sun, 02APR)

– Pride Taranaki, TBA

– 31MAR Trans Day of Visibility (2009)


– Nelson Pride (APR2023, week TBA)

– Hamilton Aotearoa Pride (APR2023, week TBA)

– 06 APR, annually: International Asexuality Day (2021)

– 2023, Fri, 14APR: Day of Silence, Second FRI APR (1996)

– 17APR (2013) NZ Marriage Equality, Passed in NZ Parliament

*Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Act 2013

– 26APR Lesbian Visibility Day (2008) Lesbian Visibility Week is held annually starting from 26 April to 2 May


– 2023, Sun, 07MAY: International Family Equality Day, first SUN MAY (2012)

– 17MAY annually, International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (2005). FYI, date of May 17th was specifically chosen to commemorate the World Health Organization’s decision in 1990 to declassify homosexuality as a mental disorder.

– 19MAY annually Agender Pride Day

– 2023, Fri, 19MAY Pink Shirt Day

– 24MAY annually, Pansexual & Panromantic Awareness Day (2015)



International LGBT Pride Month, in honour of Stonewall

– 05JUN (1972) Aotearoa’s first gay liberation protest, AUCKLAND

– 05JUN annually,HIV Long-term Survivors Awareness Day (2014 US)

– 12JUN annually: Pulse Night of Remembrance (2017 US)

– 28 JUN annually,Stone Wall Riots Annv (1969 US)


– 09JUL NZ Homosexual Law Reform Act 1986, Passed in NZ Parliament

– 14JUL annually, Non-Binary People’s Day (2012)

– Non-Binary Awareness Week (2020),

week starting SUN/MON surrounding 14JUL

– 16JUL Drag Day (2009)


-25AUG: Wear it Purple, annually final FRI of AUG (2010 AUS)

– Winter Pride (Queenstown, Fri, 25AUG – Sun, 03SEP)


– 16-22.SEP annually:Bisexual Awareness Week (2014), also known as #BiWeek

– 23SEP annually: Celebrate Bisexually Day (1999)

OCT (Planning)

– Reminder Aotearoa Pride Festivals to please comms their 2024 festival dates via email

– LGBT History Month (1994 US/CAN/AUS)

– 08OCT annually: Lesbian Day (1980 NZ)

– 11OCT annually:National Coming Out Day (1988)

– 17-24OCT annually: Genderfluid Visibility Week

– 19OCT Spirit Day, wear purple stand against bullying LGBT+ youth

– 26OCT annually:Intersex Awareness Day (1996)

– Paekakariki Pride (Fri, 20OCT – Mon, 23OCT) Annually Labour Weekend

– 18OCT:International Pronouns Day, 3rd Wed OCT (2018)

– Asexual Awareness Week, last full week in OCT (2010)


– Trans Awareness Month ,NOV annually (2017)

– 2023, 05NOV: Trans Parent Day, First SUN NOV annually (2009)

– 08NOV annually: Intersex Day of Remembrance (2005)

– 2023, Sun, 12 – 18NOV: Trans Awareness Week, annually second week NOV (2000)

– 20NOV annually: Trans Awareness Day of Remembrance (1999)

– 2023, 24NOV: Red Friday, Tackle Stigma (Aids) Last Friday annually


— 01DEC annually – World Aids Day (1988 UK) WAD was the first ever global health day

– 09DEC – Civil Union Act 2004, Passed in NZ Parliament


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