Our Vision


Rainbow Unity Nationwide



Connect, Communicate, Empower NZs Rainbow community and Allies



Strengthening Authentic You



Provide an online ‘Rainbow Directory’ lifestyle information service to connect and strengthen authentic sexual (Rainbow) diversity in all of NZ; by creating and supporting mainstream unity and cohesion of NZ’s Rainbow (LGBTQI+) Communities and its Active Allies nationwide; in the major centres and the regions.

Honestly, we like using the K.I.S.S concept ‘Keep It Super Simple’. That’s why we don’t pester you with login prompts and ask you to register your details. We just want to empower you with the information you need to get on with living your authentic self!

To return the favour, we invite you to tell everyone you know about our simple service and definitely those you think would benefit and add value to New Zealand’s rainbow communities to advertise here at rainbowdirectory.co.nz