Pride Flags

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A flag is a powerful symbol which reflects identity to capture the ideas, history, values and ambition of those that it represents, through the meaning and use of colour, design, symbols and even shape.

Pride flags which are used in our LGBTQI+ (Rainbow) communities are usually representative of three key areas of identification: 1. Sexuality (sexual preference) 2. Gender identity 3. Tribes, internal subculture (attraction to).

Flags are as diverse as the individual communities they represent, as they proudly and passionately wave and fly them at various events i.e. human rights and social justice movements, Pride festival celebrations, parades, workplaces with their diversity and inclusion (D&I) teams. All with the focuses of raising awareness through visibility, healthy educational conversations and ownership; assisting to foster and create an environment where people can be respected for their true authentic self.

Please note our Rainbow communities are full of real people. People with feelings and a human right to wellness. They are vulnerable communities that face hate crimes, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia discrimination, with devastating impacts upon mental health and high suicide rates. Especially in many countries that are not as progressive with social acceptance and protections of law.

We are blessed as citizens of Aotearoa New Zealand to have a good level of social acceptance and laws which protect all types of diversity. But we are not perfect, nor immune to poor decisions and should never take any of our hard earns gains for granted. Your choice to love, respect, accept and celebrate will make a whole world of difference within your family, neighbourhood, community and workplaces.

Humankind and its understanding of sexuality and gender identification and of its people, are ever evolving, just as our technology, language and terminology, laws, fashions and educational understanding evolve, becoming more enlightened and enriched. Thus, so are our Rainbow Communities and it’s understanding within and of itself.

Featured here are some of the more commonly known versions of our pride flags, respecting that there are many other pride flags. So a glimpse to assist you on your own research and educational life journey…

Rainbow Pride flag (Traditional), community       Progressive Pride flag, community

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Agender, gender                                                         Aromantic, sexuality


Asexual, sexuality                                                Bisexual, sexuality


Bear Brotherhood, tribe                                           Leather, Latex, & BDSM Flag; tribes          


Demisexual, sexuality             Demiromantic, sexuality


Gender Fluid, gender                                               Genderqueer, gender


Gay Men, sexuality                                                    Lesbian, sexuality


Intersex, gender                                                         Non-binary, gender


Pansexual, sexuality                                                                Polysexual Flag, sexuality


Transgender, gender                                                               Straight Ally Flag, community


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* Disclaimer: Rainbow Directory have made an effort to compile this list, it is not an exhaustive list of all Pride flags, yet a start to assist you with your educational learning journey and celebration of our Rainbow Communities.