Funding Resources

site icon small Specific funding for Rainbow Communities:


  1. Armstrong and Arthur Charitable Trust for Lesbians
  2. Wellington based. The purpose of the Trust is to provide funds to lesbian groups or individuals in the Wellington region for the following: Education, research, and social …


  3. Rule Foundation NZ

    The Rule Foundation seeks to advance the health, wellbeing and visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) New Zealanders. We administer Funds that provide grants for activities that support LGBTI people, and for education and research on LGBTI issues.


  5. Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust
  6. Auckland based. The principal objective of the Trust is to actively fundraise and attract bequests and donations in order to maintain a fund available to promote the interests of the LGBTQI+ community in New Zealand. The Fund is available on application to individuals and institutions for the explicit purpose of supporting the development of activities in the education, health, welfare, cultural and support services for the benefit of the LGBTQI+ community of New Zealand.

    site icon small General funding:


  7. Regional Community Trusts
  8. There are 12 regional community trusts that distribute grants from the capital base established when the regional banks in NZ where sold off and privatised. Regional Community Trusts will usually fund operational costs for your organisation. Each has their own priorities, but most have funded Rainbow organisations in the past. First time grants are likely to be under $10,000. The major trusts are:


  9. COGS
  10. The Community Organisation Grants Scheme or COGS provides grants to non-profit organisations delivering community-based social services that contribute to achieving locally-determined outcomes, working in local communities and neighbourhoods. Maximum grant is typically $5,000, with grants the first time you apply likely to be in the $1,000 range. COGS is only open once per year, typically closing in May of each year.


  11. Your local Council 
  12. Local authorities (Council) have three main sources of revenue:
    1. Government grants – money from central government for local services.
    2. Council tax – a property tax levied on residential properties aka your rates.
     3. Business rates – a property tax levied on business premises.

    Rates are councils' major revenue source making up 48% of total revenue in 2017.

    Note: Rainbow Communities are a layer of diversity that makes up residents and ratepayers, along side of areas of diversity, Culture, Age (Seniors and Youth) Religious faiths, Disability and Sexual (Rainbow) diversity. Council’s in NZ are all at different stages of their own Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) journey. As a rate payer apply for funding for what is there for all to access.

    The Pink or Rainbow dollar is definitely, an economic opportunity for development, for tourism and fostering a more accepting, visible, inclusive and happier region.

    Information about grants at Auckland Council:


  13. Your local Community Board
  14. Community grants / funding to support projects that encourage community leadership, self-reliance and the work of volunteers. Also known as a Local Board Grant.

    *Google your local Community Board within your local Council


  15. Gaming Trusts
  16. Gaming Trusts distribute the majority of proceeds from gaming machines in bars and sports clubs. There are nearly 20 different ones nationwide. They typically have a strong focus on sports and prefer to fund things you can get a quote for. Key ones:

    For a complete list see: 


  17. New Zealand Major Events
  18. a. The Major Events Fund (formerly the Major Events Development Fund) is an investment fund to support major events to achieve specific outcomes that align with government priorities. The Major Events Fund has a $10 million multi-year appropriation.

    b. The Domestic Events Fund is a $10 million fund established to support the events sector which has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


  19. Creative NZ
  20. Arts Grants offer short-term project funding for New Zealand artists, arts practitioners and arts organisations (including groups and collectives). This funding enables more sustainable careers, encourages innovation and the development of arts practice, and provides opportunities for diverse communities to access the arts.


  21. Lotteries
  22. Apply for funding Lotto NZ's profits are used to help build strong, sustainable communities around New Zealand and fund a diverse range of projects and causes, including: … health and community research and, projects or activities that connect communities, improve wellbeing and the quality of people's lives.


  23. Skycity Community Trusts
  24. Skycity has a Community Trust in each of Auckland, Hamilton and Queenstown.

Suggested tips: 

  1. Plan your following year’s Festival date, prior to your current Festival. This way you will be able to highlight at your current festival and it will assist with applying to funding cycles.
  2. Research and know the various funding org’s funding cycles and funding close dates.
  3. Match individual festival events to certain funding org’s depending on their criteria. Think, what type of grant suits your project or activity, how to apply for a grant, and what happens after you have applied.

This resource came to be, from a feedback idea by Gareth WATKINS and further developed by an insightful funding guru Duncan MATTHEWS. Special thanks and credit to these two passionate community minded people, for the resource you are now able to access via Rainbow Directory.