What is Strengthen?


Implementation of a ‘Feel Good’ project, was one of the original goals we set into the fabric of Rainbow Directory. Our UPD – Unique Point of Difference is that we strive to connect and know our Rainbow Communities, its organisations, businesses, networks, partnerships, passionate local champions and favourite local hangouts across Aotearoa New Zealand.

What helps us to learn this information is our Regional Ownership Strategy, which makes us take a holistic and balanced look at any area to learn and understand it better from a local and visitor point of view.
It’s a challenge and a mammoth task, yet it is more so an exciting opportunity to get out across our great nation to see and hear about some of the great initiatives across New Zealand. It can be said that major centres function well with things of a rainbow nature, thanks to the metropolitan population base they have at their disposal.

Though we want to ‘Share the LOVE’ to all the regions. Building and strengthening the fostering of thinking about the basic human right of expression and inclusion of Sexual (Rainbow) diversity: Sexual preference and Gender ID in smaller pockets of New Zealand, our regions.

This is how do we aim to accomplish giving back as a company. Here at Rainbow Directory, we have gotten to know and developed your Aotearoa Pride Festivals network as an online resource. We list these festival entities free of charge as they are mainly led by passionate community members who have day jobs!
Rainbow Directory is in a privileged position. We can and do get to visit everyone working locally in their bubbles and share the different ideas, resources and feedback between the various Aotearoa Pride Festival entities. This is exciting as for the first time they are housed at one location, here on Rainbow Directory.