Auckland Rainbow Community Church

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A Place for ALL

We meet EVERY Sunday night at 7.30pm.

At St Matthew in the City, the big church on the corner of Wellesley and Hobson Streets in Auckland City.

We are a caring Christian community for all people, especially those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered or transsexual, their families and friends. Everyone who walks through the door is respected, welcomed and encouraged in their faith. It is a community of faith, offering pastoral support and social outreach to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community; a place where friendships can develop, partnerships are openly celebrated and faith strengthened. We wish to be a safe space to explore faith and sexuality.
We are a worshipping community holding regular services designed to be inclusive and welcoming to Christians of different traditions, with a Communion table which is open to all people of faith.
We experiment with styles and format of worship to reflect the diversity within our community. As a community of gay, lesbian, transsexual and transgendered people we will continue to build links with the wider church, working to have its voice heard, wanting to contribute its perceptions and perspectives on matters of faith, life, work and human sexuality in particular, which many churches continue to grapple with. We are a community of faith, crossing denominational boundaries and faith borders,  an ecumenical expression of faith and witness.

Our causal ‘Cafe Church’ is held on the second Sunday of each month.

Come along we’d love to have you with us.

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  • Listing ID: 1141
  • Rainbow Message: An affirming and welcoming environment for all, and especially for those who are LGBT+
  • Key Contact: Peter LINEHAM