Broken Shed Vodka

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Broken Shed Vodka from New Zealand captures NZ’s pristine natural resources to creative the Kiwi Spirit in a bottle

Broken Shed Vodka is made from all natural and renewable sources in Wanaka, New Zealand. Broken Shed Vodka is distilled from pure whey, then blended with a tasty mineral water from a 15,000 year old aquifer in the Southern Alps and pure sparkling spring water from the from the North Island of New Zealand.

The result is a smooth and well-balanced vodka with a luxurious texture that remains true to the pure flavors of its source. Broken Shed Vodka is naturally free of GMOs, additives, chemicals, gluten or any added sugars. There are only two ingredients in our vodka, water and whey distillate, that combine to bring you the uniquely clean taste that sings in a martini and enhances any cocktail.

Pride Pledged! And supporters of our local Rainbow celebrations, Winter PRIDE! (Queenstown)

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We are proud of our hardwork and effort to bring an awarding product to the market:

Gold 2019 San Diego International Spirits Competition
Gold 2019 International Review of Spirits
Double Gold in Spirits in the 2017 74th WSWA Exhibition & Convention Tasting Competition
Silver Medal in the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Gold Medal in the 2017 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition
Platinum Medal in the 2017 SIP Awards
Bronze Medal in the 2017 New York International Spirits Competition

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