CubaDupa Street Festival

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27th & 28 March 2021

We want you right there with us!

CubaDupa is an innovative and distinctive celebration of the creative spirit of Cuba Street and the Wellington community, drawing on the international influences of street festivals and carnival to create an extraordinary and unique experience. An annual immersive celebration of extraordinary arts and culture in the iconic heart of downtown Wellington.

It attracts thousands of people from all walks of life to take over the streets, injecting an electrified atmosphere into an already spirited quarter for two days of artistic discovery, immersion and participation. Rediscover a familiar space or explore the unknown…either way, your experience will be like no other as CubaDupa breaks boundaries with hours of curated performances.

Get lost in a sea of people at one of our several stages, find your rhythm with a batucada parade, explore the weird and wonderful while winding your way through alleys and side streets, be spontaneous and participate in a workshop all while tasting your way from Abel Smith to Wakefield Street as part of our annual Moore Wilson’s street food festival.

Here at CubaDupa we stand for the extraordinary. Our mission is to create an iconic grassroots creative event for Wellington that is unique, accessible, interactive and sustainable with the potential to grow. Passionate about providing a festival that focuses on artistic immersion and accessibility for all ages and demographics, creating a landscape of discovery, innovation and extraordinary cultural experiences. Combining artists from local, national and global stages, with our focus set on enriching our community with artistic excellence through inclusion, participation and artistic exploration.


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