The Rotorua International - Cocktail Lounge & Eatery

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Home of the teapot cocktail

the ultimate spot for afternoon drinks

good honest food

friendly local staff

Serving a sparkling glass of glamour on the rocks is The Rotorua International. The sole cocktail lounge in Rotorua’s entertainment district, they’re making a splash with dazzling drinks and international tapas.

Where fun lurks behind every corner, this is the place to really let your hair down. A happy mixing pot of bold decor, dining styles and an evening out at Rotorua International can be anything you want it to be… just don’t be surprised if you stumble through your front door in the early hours!

Gather your loved ones together for some food-based merriment. From far-flung Europe comes the pate with artisan bread and Spanish prawns with a superbly garlicky sauce.

Moving further East and we have creamy hummus from Turkey, loaded nachos from Mexico and an array of Chinese fried dumplings that can be stuffed with your choice of meat or vegetables. And the cocktails? Simply sidle up to their beaming bar to check out all the specials and signatures. If they’re half as fun as the friendly bartenders, you’re in for a real treat!


We are just a few minutes walk from the Rotorua lakefront, located in the vibrant heart of the city’s dining precinct, Eat Streat.


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